Here's Our Name. Here's Our Story.


Jackline, 16


Both of Jackline's parents are HIV/AIDS victims. Her father has passed away, but her mother is still fighting the disease. Jackline came to Hope Center because her mother could no longer care for her. Although she has been through so much in her young life, Jackline is HIV/AIDS free which we thank God for every day. She is happy, healthy, and thriving in school! Jackline is also helpful! She is always assisting the cooks in the kitchen and looking after the younger ones in the house.


Ayubu, 13

Ayubu's father died when he was just a baby. His young mother was unable to provide food and shelter for him and brought him to Hope Center so that he might have a life free from living on the streets. He is now doing well in school and healthy. Ayubu is also playful! You will probably find Ayubu running, chasing, and always laughing.


Joshua, 8


Joshua's father died of HIV/AIDS and his mother is currently battling the disease and unable to care for him. Miraculously, Joshua is healthy and HIV/AIDS free! Joshua loves sports! He is always chasing a soccer ball and playing hard. 


Rebeca, 15

Rebeca started her life with her father passing away when she was just a toddler, she lived with her mother in the Singida region in a extremely poor village. Due to the situation of Rebeca’s family at the age 7 she branched out and started to work as a house worker. As Rebeca was working she had been moving house to house.. due to all situation she was being abused and mistreated, Rebeca became emotionally damaged and never attended a single class until Hope Orphanage.


Diana, 15

Diana's father passed away from HIV/AIDS and her mother is unable to care for her as she is suffering with the same disease. Although Diana is somewhat quiet in comparison to her brothers and sisters at the orphanage, she is still so full of life, health, and joy! 


Moses, 6

Moses is from a remote village in the interior of Tanzania. His mother passed away and his father became unable to care for him due to alcoholism and health issues. Moses came to Hope Center only able to speak his mother tongue. Now he is learning Swahili and English and is now enrolled in school thanks to one of our gracious supporters donations. He loves playing with all of his older brothers.

Frank, 16

Frank's parents divorced when he was young and left him to live on his own. Our director Rev. David Mollel found Frank on the streets alone. Frank had gone through so much when he came to Hope, that he was very anti-social and had a hard time adjusting. But now Frank is everyone's big brother! He is always taking care of the younger ones and showing them how to do things. We are so grateful for Frankie! 

Grace, 6

Grace was living with just her mother when her father died of HIV/AIDS in 2010. Her mother became too sick from the same disease to care for Gracie. Gracie began wandering the streets to beg for food when a neighbor found her and brought her to Hope Center. Grace is HIV/AIDS free and is no longer malnourished. Gracie is silly! She is always trying to make you laugh with a goofy face or dance. 


Happiness, 15

Happiness' mother died from diabetes when she was young. Her new stepmother began abusing Happiness from a young age. She was forced to run away with her younger brother, Julius, to escape. Happiness loves to sing at church. Although she has gone through so much emotional trauma, she does not let it keep her from sharing her beautiful voice!


Julius, 14

Julius is Happiness' little brother. The abuse from his stepmother affected Julius just as harshly. Wandering and sleeping on the street became his life as a little boy. Although he has had to overcome feelings of being unwanted and unloved, Julius has found a home and a safe place to be himself at Hope Center. Julius loves to give hugs! He is always showering everyone with affection.


Huruma, 12

Huruma was raised by his grandmother. When she was no longer able to care for him, she heard about Hope Center and brought him to us. Huruma loves to draw! He is such a talented artist and is always showering our volunteers with his beautiful drawings.

Irine, 12

Irine's father died from Malaria. Her mother was traumatized after the death of her father and could not work or afford food for Irine. She was brought to Hope Center and her life has miraculously changed. She is thriving in school and loves to help cook in the kitchen!

Moses, 13

Moses' father abandoned him as a young child, his mother then died of unknown causes. Moses was forced to sleep on the street and beg for food. Although there were not enough beds to take Moses in, we could not turn him away. The other children gladly shared their beds until the funds were raised to keep Moses at Hope Center full time. Moses is doing well in school and loves to joke with the other boys.


Samuel, 16

Samuel's father died from a gunshot wound. His mother was unable to cope and take care of Samuel. He was left in the care of his older brothers who abused him and did not care for him properly. Since he was living in the bush, when he came to Hope he did not know how to read or write. He was immediately enrolled in school and is now the top of his class receiving all A's! Samuel loves school and wants to attend a private school where he can learn English.