We aim to provide food, healthcare, and education to orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania.

Hope Center, located in Arusha, Tanzania, provides a home to 14 orphans and assistance to 42 vulnerable children in the surrounding community. It also delivers nursery education to local children whose families are unable to send them to government schools.

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Hope Orphanage Center is committed to empowering orphaned children through the provision of basic needs, education, training, and community awareness.

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A world of equal opportunities where orphans are holistically empowered to lead capable, confident, and successful lives.

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To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves; To defend the rights of the poor, needy, and destitute.

The establishment of Hope Orphanage Center is due to the growing number of Orphaned Children in Arusha city and Tanzania in general the scenario is depressing for both Government and civil society. This particular problem calls for united efforts for all sectors in attempting to seek solution. The emergence of HIV/AIDS IN 1990’S has damaged social relation and this resulted in a rapid increase of children living in difficult circumstances such as orphan children and street children [wandering children] who are vulnerable roaming in the streets of Arusha city. UN reported that in Tanzania there are three cities Arusha, Mbaya and Mwanza orphans and vulnerable children are more than two million.